Nancy was asked to be part of the California of Realtors website and was Interview by C.A.R

       Planning to Sell your Home?

  • Carefully evaluate your home, neighborhood, competition and current market conditions
  • Prepare Comparative Market Analysis
  • Prepare a listing Contract (Your Realtor should go over the contract with you, including start listing date, sale price, commission for Selling listing agent, buyer agent. It should not go over 6%. It is then split by the listing agent and buyer agent) Always ask what their commission will be.

A good Agent will provide you with an estimated Sellers net sheet. This will give you more understanding of the fees you will pay at Closing.

  •  Pictures will be taken of your home. Make sure they use professional photographer or decent pictures. You don't want cell phone pictures, uploaded to the Internet. Make sure they are worth their commission.
  • Your property is then listed on the MLS. Realtors have access to list your property in over 1,000 webistes.
  • Place "For Sale" sign on property
  • Place Lock box on property. Make sure a Supra Lockbox is placed and not a combination box. (Some Realtors provide their buyers with the combination code, oppose to walking in the property with them. Supra Lockbox keeps your home secure, while giving access to Realtors)
  • Create high quality marketing flyer for inside and outside the property
  • Send out Just listed Postcards and post on social media
  • Hold open houses
  • Arrange showings for other Agents
  • ​Pre-qualify potential buyers (Your Realtor should only take pre-qualified buyers. You don't want to waste your time with buyers that are not qualified)
  • Offers will be presented to you
  • ​Negotiate transactions on your behalf

Finalize your closing. Congratulations, you just sold your house!


Finding a Realtor should be at the top of your to do list. Home much is your property worth? There is much more than estimating a number. A Realtor runs the comps in your area and analyses what properties are selling for. Lot size, square footage of your property. Any upgrades? Is it important to anylyse all the assests your home has and how to market your property to the right buyer.

                                                 How does your Realtor help you list your Home?