• Shop for Mortgage Lenders-  Mortgage brokers will provide a varity of home loans shopping the best loan for you. Mortgage bankers are only able to provide the rates they offer at their bank and are less flexible with you if your credit is not so good. Shop around to find the best rate and mortgage option for you.
  • Secure mortgage pre-approval​- once you found the mortgage that's right for you, secure your rate. In today's market Sellers want to know if they could take the buyer seriously, therefor a pre-approval letter is needed.  It spells I can afford your home and exactly how much a lender has agreed to loan you.

​​As your REALTOR I can put you in contact with reputable lenders who know local programs offered to first time home buyers.

Hold on tight​- Now that you are pre-approved and looking for a home, do not make any changes in your life that reflects your finances.

  • ​Do not switch jobs- You need two years proof of employment
  • ​Do not buy a car- You don't want your debt to ratio making a difference on your loan
  • ​Do not apply for new credits or buy any new furniture until the close of your home loan.

One credit inquiry of your credit report could affect your credit score and your opportunity to be a home owner.

​No Costco credit card, no TV, no furniture, no car, no jewelry, No, NO, No. Do not run your credit.



Nancy was asked to be part of the California of Realtors website and was Interview by C.A.R

  • Check your Credit Score- ​Do not start browsing homes until you do so. This is the number the mortgage lenders will look at.  The higher your credit score, the lower the interest rate will be.  It also gives you time to clean up any credit blemishes you can.  Get your free copy at Annualcreditreport.com ​ Need to know what to do and how you could increase your credit score?


NOW YOUR READY! You want to buy a home or schedule an appointment to see a home?

​              HAVE YOUR PRE-APPROVAL LETTER HANDY AND LET'S START LOOKING. Having a Realtor will make the whole process much easier.